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real estate investmentBuying a real estate is all about finding a place to call it as your own house. However, owning a property isn’t easy unless you can afford to purchase it. The wealth you earn from real estate depends on the risks that you take when you minimize the amount of time; you need to spend on attending the property. To achieve this, you need to make a smart choice upfront while buying investment property. DC Fawcett suggests some of the smart ways to start a real estate investment.

How to start a real estate investment in a smart way?

The easiest way to get financed is to build a rapport with the seller so they would be convinced to finance your purchase. However, it is harder to get these benefits through some conventional method. If you are able to make it, then you are a motivated seller.  Here are the ways to buy the property using little or no money.

  1. Owner Financing

    As said earlier, it is the easiest as well as the toughest way to persuade the seller to finance you. If you succeed in it, you get the benefits like

    • No Check credit.
    • No Loan applications.
    • No Banks
    • No Waiting
    • No Closing cost
    • No Stress
    • Better interest rate
    • None of your money.

In this way, you are paying the installments directly to the seller and build Real Estate Investment Trust.

  1. Partner Financing

    This is the other way to get financed. Like owner financing, you get the same benefits plus it is also easier to find one. However, it needs paperwork which may even involve the banks. You get lesser profits for yourself as you have to share your profits with your partner. You can attract a partner by means of good deals, tax breaks, profits, and prestige.

  2. Investors

    Using the investors is one of the great ways to finance your real estate purchase. You can pay the money with this and get more profits than your partner. Security, liquidity and a good return on investments attract the investors. When you are running a company, the investors will buy your shares based on your credibility.

  3. Credit cards

    To avoid paying from your pocket, credit cards are another way to make the payment for purchasing the real estate. When you get a great offer, it should be availed at the earliest before it expires. You can get any amount of money as long as you make the payment on time. You can get more credit that way. Credit cards act as an emergency finance to purchase the property.

  4. Notes

    It is an agreement to pay back the loan that you apply. Most of them specify the amount that has to be paid back, the interest rate, the duration or the interval of the amount paid, and the date of clearing the loan. It is also one of the greatest ways to buy the property without putting your money.


Most or all the businessmen do not put their money for any business they do. If they make the payment on one go to purchase the property, they would have to pay the tax.



Intelligent Storage Solutions for tiny house owners – DC Fawcett

Intelligent Storage SolutionsNo matter how much ever small your house may be you can ensure that you have sufficient space there. It is a challenge to deal with limited storage as it is the cause for clutter fueled conundrum. To avoid this, you need to reconsider your dwelling and create intelligent storage solutions. You can create a lot of room to store your things in a limited space. DC Fawcett suggests the ways make use of limited space in your house.

Intelligent Storage Solutions for tiny house owners

Creating a sufficient storage for your room is nothing but common sense. Are your closets and cabinets are full and you don’t know what to do? Well, the solution for this problem is to find the area that is overlooked or neglected very often. profitable investment You will find this storage behind these doors themselves. Here are the ways to find an intelligent solution.

  1. Make use of doors to the best

    An over the door basket hanging system enables you to hang your things inside the closet as long as the door is of the standard quality, having a hinged-entry style. You can open and close the door in a usual way. Plastic over-the-door shoe organizers can not only be used to store the shoes but also other stuff.

    1. Fill the bedroom door with socks and belts.
    2. Stash cold weather hats and gloves in an entryway closet.
    3. Fill the bathroom closet with the clothes that have to be washed, poufs and toiletry items.
    4. Door-mounted wire baskets are suitable for storing foil, wax papers and sponges on the kitchen shelf.
  2. Install tension rods

    Though narrow tension rods are used for the hand café curtains, they work inside the kitchen cabinets very well. Things have to be neatly organized so there will be sufficient space available. You need to install the rods vertically to the top cabinet and create dividers at the bottom where you can place your vessels like pot lids, pizza pans, and baking sweets between the tension rods to keep your belongings at a particular place so you don’t have to dig for them.

  3. Add storage units

    It is a shelf unit of freestanding or cabinets, which are perfect for small spaces, it is more suitable for bathrooms. In this storage, you can keep many things such as stash towels, hair dryers, cleaning supplies and random toiletries in add-on cabinets.

  4. Try double duty furniture

    when you select furniture you need to make sure that it is the best space for your room. For small spaces, you can use the furniture which can be used a bed as well as a sofa or the cot that can be folded when you are not using it. You can also take a table that is foldable. A flat-topped storage trunk can substitute a regular coffee table.


There are plenty of ways to make sufficient space for your rooms. If you have too many furniture in a small house, you can either sell the extra furniture or look for a larger space to accommodate them.



Best season to make deal in real estate – DC Fawcett

Best-season-to-make-deal-in-real-estate-dc-fawcettThere are a lot of misconceptions about the best season to sell your property.There are many factors that the buyer considers before buying the property.

  • You have found or have a real estate agent who is trustworthy, there is every possibility that you can successfully sell your property.
  • If your house is decluttered and well decorated, it attracts the potential buyers to consider buying them.
  • If you are thinking of what price to sell the property, you need to think a lot about it.

The time and the year that you choose to market there is a difference between good and the poor asking price. DC Fawcett suggests the best season to crack the deal in real estate.

Best season to make deal in real estate

You need to take the buyers availability into account and what frame of mind they are in during the time or the year when you are selling, keeping the competition in your mind. The best time and the year to sell your property is very much controversial. Here are the guidelines which will help you to sell your property and how the seasons affect the market.

  1. Summer:-

    This season can be chaotic for the families as children would be having the holidays during that time. In the case of planned holidays, there can be limited time or resources for the family to purchase the real estate property. If at all you want to sell the property in summer, you need to ensure it in the market before it dies.

  2. Autumn:-

    Ideally, this is the best season to sell your property and create the first impression for yourself which is called as the best impression. The advantage of this season is it does not have any major holidays which distract the buyers. Though the real activity takes place in this season, t is always advisable to crack the deal at the earliest as the time fleets very fast.
    Winter – This is the toughest season to sell the property as the days are short and nights are dark. Furthermore, when the Christmas is nearing, many buyers will be in a festive mood due to which, their plan to purchase the property takes the back seat.

  3. Spring:-

    This is one of the best seasons to sell your property as the days will be longer and warmth comes in their garden. This is the time; the buyers will be in search of purchasing the property.

Season changes from time to time as it is a natural phase. Before entering the market, you need to look at the local area. More than anything else, it is important to choose the time which works the best for you to sell the products. If a buyer is interested in buying your property, you need to wrap up the sale before they change their mind. If you are planning to sell your house, you need to focus on its look and feel so the buyers will get attracted.


You cannot completely depend on the seasons to sell your property. No matter whatever time or year you want to dispose of the property, the buyer should be readily available.

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