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An Overview Of Technological Trends In Commercial Real Estate – DC Fawcett

Roughly, eighty percentages of tycoons point their monetary victory to real estate, of which commercial real estate takes so much of weightage. According to DC Fawcett Technology directly persuades production functions in commercial real estate, which in turn scales up the efficiency of the factors of production which includes land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship. Having said that, this is very much reflected in the application of technology to the production and function of real estate! In several studies the most significant demonstrations of technology in real estate have been highlighted which includes:


  • The progress of new and enhanced consumer goods
  • Shipping technology
  • The construction technology
  • Financial engineering
  • Innovations in manufacturing systems and
  • The growth of the internet.

Intensifying Competition on all Fronts:

Almost every aspect of Investing, fundraising and enlisting in corporate real estate is changing because of the escalating competition. The substantial investment invasion keeps afloat by low interest rates and explosive nature in the equity markets has paved way to remarkable rise in demand, thereby causing prices of commercial properties to get to soaring levels. In that event, competition has never been fiercer and it has been scaled up for fundraising. Institutional investors including banks, insurance companies, pensions, hedge funds, REITs, investment advisors, endowments, and mutual funds show concern only on the firms with the supreme best yields. With greater emphasis on better tools and visibility, if truth be told, there is also a combat for flair. Furthermore, with growth in the corporate real estate asset class, the complexity grows thereby creating a demand for elevated skill-set next generation leaders together with an expected change in the work environment.

Real-time data access demand:

When it comes to data and analytics, there is an elementary modification in expectations. Even though corporate real estate has always been data driven, as far as data and analytics is concerned, it’s been practically unattainable to cumulate and scrutinize that data at scale from isolated ERP systems and databases which is otherwise known as siloed ERP. Correspondingly, depicting portfolio-wide abstracts may call for hours of labor-intensive data aggregation together with a team of expert analysts.

With all that said, as a matter of fact, technology has by now transformed other industries – by means of better access to data and analytics, radically guileless user experiences, mobile applications and currently it’s gradually starting to have an impact on Corporate Real Estate as well.


DC Fawcett VREIC is far and wide familiar as the leading creative thinker on real estate trends; impacting the real estate entrepreneurial dealing. The virtual real estate investing club is its hub where so many have benefited as a successful realtor. He has held a number of seminars which throw light on demanding real estate concepts. For more details, stay updated to his blog and read his articles to know how to get into a realty dealing which is scam-free.

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DC Fawcett Reviews – Things To Know Before You Buy a Beach Front Property

Things to know before you buying a beach front propertyBeach houses or water front property is becoming famous. They are good for return on investment and yield a good source of rental incomes. Many people buy beach front properties and leave it for rent in the season. But, there are a few things that you should know before you buy a beach front property. In this article Dc Fawcett reviews things you should know before you buy a beach front property.


Although beach front properties yield good rental incomes, they come with a host of expenses like

  • Huge loans
  • Enormous insurance bills
  • Property management costs

Water front properties are highly in demand

Since water front properties are highly in demand, you will have to face a lot of competition and the land on which it rests is much more worth than the property itself. So, determine whether the waterfront property falls within your budget.

Dangers lurking in waterfront properties

People who live in waterfront properties are more prone to storm and hurricanes. They can corrode easily due to salts present in the water. Water bodies are a multiplying ground for insects. Such areas are infested with reptiles, frogs, snakes, scorpions and other deadly species. Mosquitoes are found in abundance near water front properties. All these together pose a big risk for residing near waterfront properties. So, do a research to find out that your vacation home is on the good side of the shoreline.

Make sure to insure for hurricane and flood damage

Hurricane and food damage should be insured. Damage from wind and water should be covered separately as they are different from home insurance. Most of the time when the damage occurs due to floods and winds and you don’t possess the relevant insurance, you will not be reimbursed due to a general home owner’s insurance.

Know about the rental markets

Investing in a beach front property is very expensive and it is very crucial that it yields a good rental income for return on investment. Some markets currently feature lots of beach front homes and the homes are not much in demand right now. This only increases the cost of investing finally. So, do a careful  study of the rental market before you decide to purchase a property.

Beachfront properties are great in terms of appreciation

Beachfront properties appreciate well as compared to normal real estate properties in the same community or town. There is more property waiting to be developed rather than already existing beachfront properties.

Waterfront views are great

Waterfront views are supremely pleasing and enjoyable. They are of vital importance and you may want to enjoy those with top class windows of varying sizes and styles. You should also be ready for tree cutting and trimming the landscape around the property area to offer good views. This will call for shelling out money.


Waterfront properties are great in terms of views and appreciation but at the same time they call for huge investments and risks. Read this review by Dc Fawcett before you buy a waterfront property.